Workshops With Me

 I own notebooks that will last for 5 lifetimes, I still collect washi tapes and stickers, I prefer physical planners over my iPhone and I will only write on it with my Pilot Gtec 0.4 in black.

Hi I’m Aina and I’m a writeaholic: from calligraphy, to hand drawn designs, planning and journals – I am on paper peace.

I never expected that others would appreciate the fascination that I have with this craft. The experience of sharing this has been an amazing journey. Passion, fueled by hard work will get you places – at least it has for me. All I ever wanted was to influence people to get back on pen and paper, look for their strengths in creativity and develop it.

If you can’t stop thinking about it, don’t stop working for it.


For more, feel free to peruse through  my Instagram feed: @Aina.Kristina!


9 thoughts on “Workshops With Me

  1. I already registered, I think a month ago. Just want to know if my name is in the list for both workshops. Where also the exact venue of the workshop in Alabang. Thanks!


    1. Hi Gloren, if you’re still interested, sure. Ive sent out a couple of emails and texts though. It will be at The Farm, Commerce Center


  2. hi! how do we pay for your class? and about the materials, do we get to keep them after? im planning on registering for one of your classes in alabang but im not sure with the payment method so yeah. Thanks!


    1. Hi Aly!
      I accept BDO deposits. You just need to send me a copy of the payment through email. Yup! All those goodies are yours!!


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