The Perfect White Ink


I’m sure that almost every other calligraphy enthusiast is looking for that white ink that can make dark paper look so elegant and sexy. I have found that gorgeousness is Dr. Ph Martin’s Bleed Proof White. 

Don’t underestimate this little bottle because you literally just add water and it makes magic. I normally just put water in the little bottle and just mix lightly – just the top part. I find this more efficient and practical because I can just keep it there. If i need it to dry out, i just leave the cap off for a few hours and the ink thickens into its semi-solid form again. 


Smooth – this was the first thing that came to mind when i gave this baby a test run. I have tried loads of white ink and i could not get them to flow from the nib to the paper 😪 the struggle was real. 

If you’re looking for an all around white ink, this is the one that I totally would recommend without batting an eyelash. This is available in Scribe Writing Essentials and  Pensgalore 👍🏼



Webster Color Crush Lovin’

It has style and it has sass. I am absolutely smitten with the Webster Color Crush planner – this was an unexpected love at first touch. Its buttery smooth and soft PU leather adds charm and character to the planner. Before I get ahead of myself, here’s a quick peek in the box.

What’s in the box:

> 2015 Month & Week on 2 Pages Calendar
– the paper is THE best planner insert I could ever want!!
> Today page marker / ruler
> 5 Dividers plus one cover design and a sticker sheet
> Note pad

I like that it provides flexibility in it’s own way. You can change the inserts with anything that suits your needs. It comes with decorated pages that resemble scrapbook papers. I like the fact that you can take the pages from the binder so I can write and decorate comfortably.


It’s no surprise that I have been using the weekly inserts as my art journal. I enjoy decorating using stamps and brush pens. I doodle a bit too. It is one of the few planners that have really good quality pages that can hold ink well.

No bleeding and no shadows on the back – for both stamps and brush pen. On a side note: I prefer using chalk ink pads for stamping on the pages. Versa Magic works wonders and you could never go wrong with them. At 120 GSM, this is really impressive for planner inserts! Just the same, the simplicity of the design for the week on 2 page spread is not intimidating to use. There are also days that I use the day’s slot to jot down important matters that I have to attend to.

At the Memory Keeping section, I like listing the prompts that I will be using for the month. There are times that I make my own prompts there are also those moments that I just want to write!  I like keeping things simple, I don’t really decorate as much ( Do i?) and I’m glad that some inserts are already pretty that I dont need to add anything else! 

Available at Scribe Writing Essentials

Marryl Crafts Giveaway!

If this year could not be more amazing than it already is, Marryl Crafts took me in as part of their creative team! It’s exciting and something to look forward to during the weekends!

I have not been able to blog lately but this is the start of something fun and exciting. In behalf of Marryl Crafts, we are hosting a joint giveway open to Philippine residents.

Click on this Instagram share to find out more!

Clarisonic Smart Profile

I don’t really talk about make up, cosmetics and the like but if there is something that I should have been conscious about when I was a lot younger, it was skin care. 

The Clarisonic’s claim to fame is that it cleanses 11 times better than just using your hands. It gives your skin a clean and smooth finish, and yes: from head to toe.

It comes with 3 brush heads; 2 in 1 dynamic brush, body brush and the PEDI smoothing disk. A 2 oz Refining skin polish and 1 0z Refreshing gel cleaner. Lastly, a brush stand. 

I do not claim to be an expert so whatever I say here is simply the results I actually see and feel on my skin. 

  • First, my skin type: relatively normal, I rarely breakout but there are occasional small bumps and dark spots.
  • Second, I am a Neutrogena fan since i was a teenager for the facial cleansers. In the morning, the moisturiser for me is either Olay’s Aquaction long lasting hydration gel or Skin Food’s Sparkling Apple Pore Cream (that looks like gel).  I put on light make up so I don’t like it feeling heavy. For the evening, it’s Ponds’ Dry Skin Cream. Though my skin is far from being dry, i looove how i wake up to soft cheeks! 

Less than a week of using the Clarisonic, I am amazed at the results! You can feel the difference, your face is smooth. You can see the difference, the toner soaked cotton pad comes off clean. I didn’t expect that i really could get THAT clean because i used to have the Olay Cleansing brush. That was the basis that i used after i used the toner, using the Olay brush cleaner still left a bit of make up on even after a good thorough wash. That was one of the reasons why i think my face was not as smooth as when i switched to Clarisonic. Imagine getting all that make up and dirt finally off.

Will get to the body brush in the follow up post 😊

Finetec: Inca and Moon

I have yet to meet someone who would not want to get their nibs embraced with gorgeous shades of gold ink. The newest addition to my inktoxicated life are the Finetec gold ink palettes. Though I didnt purchase the 6 shades of gold palette, I got myself the 12 pearl palette (which will be for another post)
When I was looking at the different shades of gold, there were 2 cakes practically reaching out to me! Yes, the Inca gold and the Moon Gold. 
They have very contrasting hues: if you’re the type that screams “I’m wearing a hot fire engine red lipstick” – the Inca gold is perfect! Most especially with black paper, the gold pops out like so:

 I made these name tags for a recent brush pen calligraphy class but I needed an excuse to get me started on my Finetec!! Unlike in the other palette, there’s no need to look for that “angle” to make the gold appear vibrant. (I’ll expound on this on the next post..)

My personal favorite is the Finetec Moon Gold which is also available in the 6 shades of gold palette. It’s smooth, subtle and sexy! I wouldn’t mind using this for the long haul – for all my calligraphy requirements and projects!
 Borrowed these words from Hazel York and she seems to approve of Moon Gold too!! The contrast between the gold shades are more pronounced when shown along side each other. 


This is how Moon looks up close and personal. It’s sheer and very elegant.

 I’m comfortable with having these two in my wedding arsenal without feeling paranoid that I might not have enough to make a design. And that actaully happens to me, a lot. Hence, hoarding… 

Have you tried using any Finetec palettes? Tell me about it and leave a comment below. 

The Finetec palette is available in all Scribe branches 😊

Zig Kuretake Cocoiro and Fudebiyori 

In my art nook: the Cocoiro and Fudebiyori brush pens. When i need color and variety, these are the Zig pens that I automatically get from my stash.. 
It’s no secret that I have been writing small since I started holding a pencil, it has been my mother’s frustration to have me write at a normal size. My hand is too stubborn to even try to write bigger.  

12 ink color refills in extra fine ( sunset orange, red, sepia, dark green, mint green, cobalt blue, royal blue, blue black, and 16 bodies to choose from. You can mix and match to your heart’s creative beat. Hairline upstrokes is not a challenge at all to the Cocoiro. There will be a bit of a struggle on the downstroke especially if they’re still new. You really have to bend the tip for it to produce thicker swells. 

Considering the limitations of how small my normal handwriting is, I use the Kuretake Fudebiyori. 

These brush pens are flexible felt tip markers as opposed to the synthetic brush pens that have actual nylon strands. You don’t need to exert too much effort on your downstrokes to produce thick lines because it bends gently to your strokes. Don’t expect hairline thin upstrokes from this pen though becuase they are for bigger writing requirements. Nonetheless, the contrasting thick and thin line are very obvious when you’re scribbling 

It creates a smooth and subtle gradient in each stroke you make. (Like in the first Bernard that I wrote.) It has a pretty wide range of colors: 2 shades of gray, 4 shades of blue, purple, orange, 5 shades of green and red. I like that I can combine and drag colors without permanently staining the adapting brush marker. (Like in the second Bernard that I wrote.) I like showing a strong contrast in colors when I ise the Fudebiyoris. They’re really pigmented and their darker shades are rich in color.


This is part one of a series of that I will be doing. I’ll try to introduce you the pens I use and hoard when I do my calligraphy and art journals. 

Where to purchase: 

  • Manila residents – these are available in Scribe outlets (Glorietta 5, Shang, SM Aura, Megamall and Eastwood)
  • US residents – Amazon (Just type in Cocoiro or Fudebiyori)