On My Desk – An Update

Shared this on IG.. Hope this helps!
•Clear stamps – there are loads of choices out there. Choose something that you know you will not mind using over and over. On a budget – try to shy away from the heavily themed ones, say Christmas.. Valentines.. Graduation.
•Tape Runner – clean and easy to use, i cannot express how happy i am that this was invented!
•Cutting Mat and Cutting blade – the secret to washi stickers.
•Pen / Fountain Pen – this does not have the be a fountain pen nor should it be a damn expensive pen. Use what works for you, be it a pencil, crayon whatever. Just as long as you can write with it, it’s good enough to be on your desk.
•Journal / Planner – my Travelers Notebook and my Hobonichi. Do i really have to explain this part 😂 kidding, look for a notebook that will accomodate what you want it to be. More than anything, paper quality is everything to me. These pages can take pointed pen calligraphy and even watercolor.
•Watercolor – if i can only own ONE set, it would be Prima’s Decadent Pies. It comes in a handy friendly black tin that i can bring anywhere and everywhere.
•Ink pads – if you want to play it safe, go for Versa Magic chalk inks. They dont bleed on to the next page. The dye ink that’s really gentle that i have tried is Prima’s color philosophy pads. Did you know you can use them for watercolor as well.
•Stickers / Ephemera – i never outgrew the love for these!!
•Washi Tapes – one can never really have too much but you have to know what you want, what fits your style and what you can use in a long term perspective. I had a time where i destashed my cutesy washis because it really wasnt me. I tried but it gave me the heebeeejeeebies.
•Inks – specifically for fountain pens. There are small bottles that you can try out before you start hoarding the medium sized ones. I prefer JHerbin because it dries quick enough that i dont end up smudging my pages.
•Organizer – i have a thing for wood, if you have not noticed yet. I like my stuff clean and it’s proper place when im not messing around my workspace.. Now you see the entire picture!
•Pencils and Erasers – no one was born an expert. Like it or not, you will need to draft or sketch illustrations before you can even start inking them in.
•Tape Dispenser – dont ever take this for granted. TRUST ME.


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