Be Inspired but Don’t Copy 

Personally, the only time it is fine to copy someone’s work is when you’re learning a craft. It develops muscle memory. If you want to share your work as progress against something you copied, i strongly suggest you credit the person who inspired you. By not doing that, you’re just as good as saying that it was your own creative idea.

The most important thing: learn from what you are copying. 

Why did you choose it in the first place? 

The color palette – then create your own swatches of hues to use.

The layout – then mix and match where words are placed. 

The theme – peruse through inspiration boards, observe what strikes you.

The quotes – is there even a lack of supply for this?

The world of social media is not as big as you think. There will be friends of friends of friends of their friends who will see what you eventually share and it will reach the original artist.

This is just MY take on it, i am more amazed at the people who even sent me messages saying that they try to copy and learn from my stuff. Seriously, i do this for fun but if you’re learning from it, im going to cheer for you. That’s also why we enjoy hosting workshops! We love to share but please, have the common courtesy of at least giving us credit when you do copy our work.


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