Create The Bounce

One of the reasons why calligraphy has been so popular is because it celebrates “individuality”. Sure there will always be the clamor for the formal Copperplate and Spencerian way of writing – the rise of Modern Calligraphy has been embraced by letterform lovers from all over the globe.

The Bounce: I have been particularly fond of this style because it’s carefree and it combines most of the rules that I can bend (and break) altogether.

 For this to work, you have to keep in mind that what is visually balanced may not be the same as it being aesthetically balanced. 
“sheer” and “bliss” may not be visually balanced though they have the same number of letters but with flourishes, it will appear aesthetically balanced. I hope this makes sense!

Back to the Bounce:

  • Create an imaginary line and visualize the text you want to write. For this process, let’s refer to this as the baseline.
  • Instead of writing ON the baseline, the words will instersect that line. 
  • Exaggerate your ascenders and descenders – these can be situated heavily above the baseline or below respectively.

That’s the quick tip and trick behind it. At least that’s how i would have explained it in a workshop. I hope this helped and i would appreciate your comments about it. Have fun!! 


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