Pointed Pen & Its Frustrations

I never claimed that I’m the best resource person when it comes to Modern Calligraphy but I wanted to share this post mainly for those who have tried Pointed Pen Calligraphy and ended up just being more disappointed by it… It is not an easy craft to develop, to be honest. It’s even more of a challenge when you do not have the patience to keep trying. The struggle is real and that is something that I can attest to. I started my quest to learn Pointed Pen Calligraphy last November 2014. 

Since then, I have never stopped writing and practicing. This is not an exaggeration – you can ask my husband. I would bring a jam jar of ink, nibs, holder and a notebook almost everywhere I go. I was determined to write better then I would try every free moment I get. I would take photos of my work just to see if I’m getting anywhere improving my writing.   This was taken January 2015:

It was a little harder for me since I never really write in cursive.. In fact, I haven’t since I graduated from elementary but hey, the hand wants what the hand wants. I was stubborn and I wanted to do modern calligraphy! Months passed and I would ike to think that it improved. ( At least I hope it did )  
I was faking it until I believed it was half as decent as I wanted it to be. It all boils down to practice and how much you want it. I still have so much to learn and develop but my point is this: it’s not something you can master overnight or in one workshop. A workshop, regardless of who your instructor is – is there to guide you, show you tips, hacks and techniques; not make you an overnight success. At the end of the day, your progress will depend on you alone.


Why am I sharing this with you? Because I know what it’s like to be frustrated and annoyed at something you’re trying to do. I have been there and quite frankly, i’m still at that stage. Just keep practicing.. Practice does make progress.



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