For The Love of Grids

If you haven’t noticed, i have always been drawn to plan and do my journals on grid paper. My original planner was the Midori Traveler’s Notebook since 2015. At least that was what I have been sharing since the past year. I didn’t expect that people would be interested in my planner and my well… handwriting.  Who would have expected that i would end up sharing what and how i write… I’m not complaining because it is truly awesome that people are getting back on the habit of writing.
i think i deleted my old Instagram posts because it was getting a little crowded but anyway, this is how i initially did my art journals and their corresponding prompts… Sometimes, i just invent the prompts as i go and some, i promptnab from Journaling Sage and Life Captured Inc.

I am still using the MTN as my main planner and the Hobonichi Techo for my art journal. I love the smooth paper of both Japanese paper products. I am amazed that no matter how thick the watercolor or calligraphy ink that i use, it just does not bleed! Just a warning though, using Dye stamp inks will bleed on to the next page. You’re better off using chalk ink.




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